There are two main schools of thought

Knowlege of the target group determines the success or failure of the campaign. If the company has never trie to build strong relationships with its recipients, there is a risk that the advertisement will be perceive differently than expecte. Mismatching the message to the recipients can cause a wave of indignation and criticism, which, unfortunately, is the easiest way to lose loyal customers. Commplace PR agency Guerrilla marketing is not a good solution for companies whose target groups prefer the classic approach to promoting a brand or its services/products.

Where marketing is considere

Unconventional advertisements and other unusual promotional practices will not make a good impression on conservative recipients. On the contrary – they can discourage customers from the company. In this case (as in the previous one), excellent database knowlege of the target group plays an important role. Guerilla marketing is also not suitable for those companies for which a professional image is a fundamental value – companies that are burdene with high social responsibility. In this case, skilful planning of marketing campaigns is important. Advertising must not disturb the company’s image , which has been meticulously built over the years.


Either a philosophy or a function

Marketing should be base on a well-thought-out strategy assuming long-term development. Bold, unconventional steps can have negative consequences. Guerilla marketing – types Guerrilla marketing uses different forms of communication and Fax Lead uses different tools. The popular branches of guerilla marketing include: ambient marketing. It is divide into two types: in the first it is define as a form of guerilla marketing, and in the second – as a completely separate area (the difference is a higher budget and exposure of the brand logo). Ambient marketing is one-time, non-standard actions with high potential for interaction with recipients. It’s something fresh, surprising, out of the mainstream. Something that uses unusual meia – interactive bus shelters, interactive shop windows.

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