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Outbound is “inbound” marketing, building long-term relationships with customers log, newsletter, Facebook group). Outbound, which is losing its importance in dTech, is “outbound” marketing, advertising focusd on reaching the unaware (Google Ads, social mdia ads and pop-up ads, but also targetd phone calls and emails). Dominik Olszewski, Co-founder of Teamsharq & Co-owner of Codementors: In the ready-made courses industry, we receive signals from customers that it is more difficult to sell courses to cold contacts, from advertising.

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This is a sign of increasd maturity. Building a brand before publishing the course through social mdia activity, podcasts, articles Latest Mailing Database or newsletter) becomes the key to success in dTech. Advertisements can then be basd not only on the attractiveness of the course, but also on trust in the brand.We come up with an innovative idea, write down our assumptions in the business plan … and what next? How tocheck whether the idea that sproutd in our head translates into the actual neds of the recipients.

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Ad what does the Product Discovery process have to do with it? What is Product Discovery? Product Discovery is one of the first Fax Lead phases of product development . Its purpose is to examine the assumptions regarding. The problems of the potential recipient. To collect information validating the idea (positively or negatively) and to determine further project steps.

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