The evolution of tiktok in digital marketing european countries

Opinions from other customers and interactive content are therefore all elements that strongly influence consumer decisions. However. This integration of the social aspect into the purchasing process also capitalizes on impulse. To the detriment of the traditional stages between the discovery of the product/service and its acquisition. Tiktok. A key player in digital strategy unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past two years. You couldn’t have missed tiktok. This network is indeed emerging as a key digital player . Including in terms of digital strategy. Because yes. If the platform has long been considered the privileged place of generation z. It has above all revealed immense marketing potential .

Too often underestimated by brands and marketing professionals

And in particular france. Are not the only ones not to take full Malaysia Phone Number List advantage of the potential of tiktok for digital marketing. In the united states. It is estimated that only 4% of professionals would take the platform into account in their strategies. But it’s a safe bet that 2024 will mark a turning point. Because with a growing number of active users. This social media giant offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach a larger. More engaged audience . Tiktok for business: a revolution for businesses aware of the potential behind its golden goose. The chinese firm behind the network launched “tiktok for business” in 2020. An initiative that makes it easier to promote brands and businesses on the platform. For example.

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This solution offers content creation. Audience targeting and data analysis tools

 Essential for a successful digital marketing strategy. But how to Mexico Phone Number List integrate tiktok effectively into a digital strategy? This is a major question for businesses. Especially those that have never taken the time to establish themselves on the network . However. To do this. It is crucial to have a good understanding of the users of the platform. But also of the video content that is most engaging for them. To put it simply. Don’t go in blind and take the time to work on the subject! The arrival of search generative experience (sge) if there’s one major event that could shake up 2024 and redefine the way businesses will have to interact with their customers online. 

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