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The biggest change in defining marketing is a new understanding of strategy – from functional production and the nee for things to delivering value. Today’s marketing is centere around higher values. It’s not just about selling. Something more matters. Marketing and sales concepts It is now easier to produce products than to sell them. Enterprises undertake various activities aime at learning about the preferences and requirements of current and potential customers – thanks to which they can adapt products to their nees as much as possible.

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It is also important how companies reach their recipients and how they encourage them to buy the products they offer – the better the communication strategy, the greater the chance of success. Sales and marketing are two different concepts. The goal whatsapp mobile number list of marketing is to meet the expectations of customers by producing goods that meet their nees. Marketing is about creating the nees of customers in the market, and then responding to these nees and communicating the value of the create product. In a nutshell, marketing is customer relationship management. The sale is relate to the paid delivery of goods. It is the sum of organizational, financial, technical and legal activities.

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One could say that the function of marketing evolve from.  Sales structures (see the first concepts of marketing – production, product, sales; in the past.  Marketing was understood as supporting the sale of goods). Although marketing and sales Fax Lead are two different departments in any company, their cooperation can be very beneficial. Many companies prepare separate strategies for sales and marketing. And that’s a big mistake. According to MarketingProfs, companies in which marketing.  And sales are closely relate are able to effectively retain customers and record higher sales. CSO Insights research shows that cooperation and dynamic management of sales and marketing processes allows for better commercial results – salespeople achieve their sales goals much more often.

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