Awareness and promoting its value It is widely

We recommend Seasonality of sales – support or obstacle in running a business? ATL marketing and BTL marketing Definitions of both of these approaches to marketing were first use in 1954. This is when Procter & Gamble began paying different companies separately and at a different rate for direct promotional activities and wider advertising campaigns, separating the two approaches. In this way, The Line separates direct, targete campaigns from more general and commonplace marketing campaigns. Separates campaigns designe to increase brand awareness from those designe to deliver direct results and a quantifiable return on investment.

Use throughout the marketing industry

Marketing is constantly evolving and the question often arises, does this “line” get blurre? For example, the massive use of social meia these days. Does their wide exposure mean this is the place for ATL? After all, communication through them can also Latest Mailing Database be highly targete. The key to solving this conundrum is to consider the intent and purpose of your action. ATL marketing in a nutshell What does ATL marketing mean? It is a marketing strategy aime at raising brand awareness and promoting its value.

Latest Mailing Database

Refers to massive untargete campaigns

It is widely use throughout the marketing industry and refers to massive, untargete campaigns. What characterizes BTL marketing? Simply put, BTL is the opposite of ATL marketing. It is addresse not to the general public, but to selecte people Fax Lead who are the base of the company’s potential customers. Most often they involve communication via email and social meia. What are the biggest advantages of ATL marketing? The biggest advantage of ALT marketing is the reach, which can even be international. Thanks to meia advertising, information is able to reach the largest group of recipients, among whom there may be potential customers.

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