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By Navneet Kaushal SEO 1181 Reads Best SEO Tools & SEO Reporting Software To run your search engine marketing campaign successfully, you need to use advanced SEO tools and reporting software. With the help of professional SEO services, you can use them most effectively. But before hiring experts, you need to know which analytics and reporting tools can work well for your SEO campaign. Here is a list of the best SEO tools and SEO reporting software for your search engine marketing campaign: 1. SEM Rush SEM Rush is a popular keyword research and position tracking tool that adds value to your competitor’s research. It offers a variety of position tracking features, such as limitless competitors’ tracking, discovery report, projects merge reports, locations and devices’ reports, and SERP feature filters.

If you want to start ahead of your competitors in SEO

Social media, and business campaigns, SEM Rush can be the perfect tool. SEM Rush One of the most distinguishing features of SER Mrush is the capability of integrating Google Search Console when creating disavow files. You learn the harmful likes, which helps to click “disavow”. Benefits: Monitor Founder Email Lists and manage organic rankings easily Build unique PPC campaigns Upgrade content marketing efforts Generate clear reports Evaluate and monitor social media marketing 2. Ahrefs Ahrefs is one of the most popular reporting tools most leading SEO agencies use. Many businesses have experienced massive successes in their search engine marketing campaigns only because of this tool. They have also recommended using Ahrefs as an online SEO tool. Besides checking backlinks, Ahrefs has quite a large data index containing 12 trillion known links, 200 million root domains, and 3 trillion known URLs.


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Ahrefs also comes with an SEO site audit tool that focuses

On those areas in your website which need modification to optimise search engine rankings. The tool helps you determine your competitors’ backlinks, which works well for your website users. Ahrefs One of the Fax Lead  most distinguishing features of Ahrefs is the site crawler that visits more than 6 billion websites every 30 minutes and updates indexes because of which the tool has the biggest base of live links. Benefits: Perform keyword research for search engines Check ‘clicks’ data, backlink increase/decrease over time, traffic’s top subfolders, and keyword click distributions. Estimate total search traffic Evaluate SERP history Identify content gaps and link opportunities with Content Explorer Analyse inbound backlinks and monitor external links Check ranking history and receive keyword ranking notifications 3. Google Search Console Google Search Console (GSC) is one of the finest online analytical SEO tools that inform webmasters regarding how frequently Google crawls its websites.

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