How Can Remarketing Boost Your Revenue

By Navneet Kaushal Pay Per Click 788 Reads Remarketing Boost Your Revenue Q: I plan to run an advertising campaign for my eCommerce site aggressively. There’s a lot of buzz about Remarketing. How can I use Remarketing to increase revenue? A: Remarketing can be a great option to boost the revenues of your eCommerce website. It is a process that involves product ad display to users who have already visited or browsed at least one page of your website and can be a boon for branding purposes. As users browse your website, an ad pops in different places because it recognizes they have already seen and scanned the product pages. Remarketing For instance, you checked out a pair of trousers in an online store and then left the website suddenly without purchasing them.

Then  you keep seeing that pair of trousers across

The internet as if the ad is following you online. This remarketing process works through cookies on users’ computer tracking their activities. Targeted ad displays depend on this data and offer those COO Email List products to users that they might have checked earlier. Remarketing or retargeting helps you convince target customers to make purchases in your online store and increase repeat purchases. Remarketing is important because: 96% of individuals leave a website before making a purchase More than 60% of the items in the shopping cart are not purchased by customers 49% of the consumers visit a website 2-4 times before making a purchase Brands have found Remarketing to be really effective in boosting their sales. While 11% are using it to get their competitor’s customers, 56% are using the technique to gain customers & 43% to increase brand awareness.


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Why Should You Opt for Remarketing

Here are the key reasons to go for remarketing to increase your sales: Engage With Audience Many users leave a website without converting. Most of them don’t submit their phone number, email ID, and contact numbers. While some of them browse a website 2 to 4 times before making Fax Lead  a purchase. They spend a lot of time checking the product features and comparing them in various online stores. However, brands want to boost their sales and meet customer demand as they can’t afford to lose loyal customers. Retargeting helps business organisations to follow users on different sites, promote products and services depending on their needs. This process helps you to stay engaged with your target customers. You can learn about customers through engagement and remarket them depending on their exclusive behaviours. Increase Brand Awareness 70% of marketers use remarketing to enhance their brand awareness and recognition online.

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