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Fun Icebreakers for Remote Teams By Navneet Kaushal Happenings

At Page Traffic 913 Reads When working in an office, healthy interaction with employees and strong bonds make you happy and motivated to deliver your best every day. Remote working is not much different but has less personal interaction because of the least face-to-face communication. Teams working in different locations tend to experience less trust and more conflicts than those working together in an office. 52% of companies are not organizing any team-building activity with their remote employees. So, how connected do your remote employees feel with each other? With the outburst of the Covid19 pandemic, companies have embraced remote working, which has consistently decreased employee engagement levels. One of the key reasons for the least engagement is the lack of a sense of community. Thus, you should build a sense of community via team-building efforts, increasing engagement by approximately 50%.

Virtual team building is tough but not impossible

Icebreakers and engaging team-building activities can work perfectly to create a sense of togetherness in your remote teams. In fact, they can be one of the best tricks to promote team management. You can  Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists breakers as a part of your virtual team-building events, virtual meetings, training sessions, and workshops. Fun Icebreakers Here are some of the best icebreakers and team-building activities you can conduct for your remote teams. Virtual Bingo Virtual Bingo can work as both an ice breaker and a contest for a virtual meeting. When you make your virtual employees play Bingo, you can be sure that they are attentive. Create bingo cards with the most common happenings of virtual meetings. Below are some of the ideas to get started: Someone loses connection Someone forgets to turn on/off mute A person or pet in the background .


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A dog or baby is crying in the background

Send every employee their card before the time starts. Let them know you will explain what it is for during the meeting. Once the meeting starts, ask employees to get their bingo cards ready. Ask them to mark off Fax Lead when a situation on their card occurs as the meeting keeps going. The first person who gets five in a row type “BINGO” in the chat wins the game. Make sure the virtual bingo game is simple and fun, and you will be surprised to see the high level of virtual team engagement in meetings. You should also make your employees feel comfortable when embarrassing situations arise. If you want an icebreaker, which can also be a good contest, conduct an in-meeting game of virtual bingo. One-Question Ice Breaker One-question ice breaker is one of the perfect ways to warm up your team for online meetings.

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