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Digital marketing Share You can’t talk about digital marketing without also talking about social media . If your client is on the internet, he certainly participates in one or more of them. Therefore, it becomes essential to align your strategy well in these channels, and not simply “post” and believe that this is enough. In fact, social networks are not just likes and shares, real engagement that gives practical results goes far beyond this type of “metric”. The important thing is to produce adequate content and with the ideal language for each one of them. To help with this challenge (which may seem easy, but many people keep making mistakes), we have separated four tips on the most used social networks that we know work: 1- Facebook Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. And Brazil is one of the countries with the most active users on it. If your brand does not have a fan page on Facebook, it can be considered almost non-existent.

The same with texts and images

Overkill? Not so much.. But now what? Just keep the page and post everyday? Wrong! It is necessary to adapt to some main points, such as: Format and content! On Facebook, it works like this: if a person tends to see more videos on their timeline, more and more videos will appear for Chief and VP of Training Email List them to see. The same with texts and images. Therefore, the ideal is to diversify the format of posts to impact as many people as possible. Examples: videos, gifs, images, etc. Keep track of which ones perform the best and bet more on them! Extra tip:It is notable that Facebook has begun to limit the reach of brands organically. So, be sure to invest in ads to boost your page. Instagram Another bomb around here is Instagram . And to do well on the social network of images, the tip, in addition to perfecting the production of photos (obviously!), is: Build a profile with personality. Engagement and success on Instagram depends a lot on how the brand profile will present itself.


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Ideal is to show yourself as a person behind the social network, and not a company that just wants to sell its products. That’s because, it’s on that a younger audience is used to this type of language. You tube Online videos are all the rage, and you probably already know this. However, many companies fail to invest in this type of content because they consider it complex and expensive. While this is not entirely untrue, it can make online video development simpler. The tip, in this case, is to focus on planning. Build this type of content into your complete digital marketing strategy, not just as an add-on. Get inspired by channels from successful brands and, more importantly, follow a roadmap (we already talked about this here on the blog and you can check it out here ) 4- Know how to measure results This tip applies to all social networks. Measuring results on social media is extremely important to avoid wasting time and money on actions that don’t work.


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