Do Social Media Ads Really Convert

Do Social Media Ads Really Convert News Share Research by Civic Science , reported by Marketer , showed that few American consumers are buying after seeing ads on their timelines. For the study, almost two thousan people over 13 and active on social networks were heard. The result was: only 1% of respondents made a purchase based on ads on Snapchat and 4% said they bought based on Instagram ads . Facebook, on the other hand , had better conversion rates , with 16% of respondents saying they bought after being impacted by social network ads. the twitter also had low rates, at just 2%.

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low numbers may be the fact that not always the moments in which social networks “get” users are the ideal ones to the conversion minutes that you use to talk and update with friends, see photos VP Administration Email Lists elebrities and influencers. It is a time when the focus is very much on content . You can even see an interesting thing from an advertiser, but I believe that the moment is not ideal to make a sale, ”he says. For Tigre, some situations justify the purchase based onads on social networks , but that doesn’t make sense for everyone. “Perhaps when we think about desktop it is possible to get a better conversion. Anyway, I believe that it depends a lot on the context in which the user is inserte and also the device he is using in this situation”. Are the numbers really that bad.


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Understood that  to conversion rates for social media were good. The numbers from this US survey are close to that. And I’ve always found it to be a pretty high rate compare to email marketing, Fax Lead  for example. The numbers are not bad, the market is going through a time of adaptation”, emphasizes Miceli. He reinforces that the difference is in the relevance of the ad that is delivere. “I still believe that social networks are important for e-commerce. But part of that conversion depends on the quality of the ad” ViaMedium and Message . Prev PREVIOUS How to have a successful business NEXT 4 infallible social media tips to win customers Next What’s your challenge? increase sales brand visibility

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