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We all know that nowadays the internet is present in everything (practically everything!) around us. Several brands have already learned to use it in their favor, but there are still many that have not discovered (or are reluctant to discover) the power of digital marketing and inbound to capture leads and win customers . The age of the digital entrepreneur is the best time for communication and marketing to generate results with little investment, reaching the right person at the right time. Here we separate tips to capture leads and boost your sales on the internet through creative and humanized content, plus a super special extra: the best times to post on social media! 1 – Use hyperlinks When browsing your website or blog, it’s nice that there are always hyperlinks within it.

This helps with SEO ranking within Google

That’s why Bowie’s blog content work is so helpful in optimizing results. Make social pages more professional Leave personal posts for more informal places. Your company’s social networks are VP Compliance Email Lists their face (the famous “welcome” door) for users and it is where you will capture leads . That is, the more professional, the more he will take your company seriously. Therefore, the use of inbound marketing techniques is also essential for your page to become professional and with quality content , positively attracting the customer’s attention. If you want to talk about your employees and company activities, use internal communication tools like Facebook Workplace (it’s great!) Frequency of content Good content generates brand loyalty and fans. But, in addition to having good content, frequency is the most important item when it comes to social media.

C-level Executive List

From the moment the lead or customer relates

to your brand and likes it, you must cultivate a strong bond to always accompany you. That is, the more present you are on social networks and the internet, the more the user will remember you and know who Fax Lead to count on when they need it. The ideal is 3 to 4 posts per week (fixed days and times) to obtain greater engagement. This is why the approval of posts at the right time is so important for your company. Don’t miss the timing ! 4 – Discussion groups In the digital age, people love to join groups on social media . Exposing opinions and exchanging experiences has become something that generates engagement for brands. Thus, you can participate in these groups and cultivate your content by interacting with people. But, here’s an important tip: don’t be inconvenient!

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