What is forbidden to post on social networks

News Share What is forbidden to post on social networks? Last Tuesday Facebook released a document revealing the guidelines that the social network uses to decide whether or not a post. Should be remove from the air , that is, what is forbidden to post on social networks. What until then would be a mystery to internet users and intrigue people without knowing why your post came out of nowhere. The decision was taken to clarify the social network’s guidelines. Which will also help people understand the limit on various aspects of Facebook. With that, they also promoted those details that will make everyone’s life easier

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Prevent hate speech on the social network, terrorism, pedophilia and nudity, for example. The revelation came a month after the scandal that rocked the social network: the case of Cambridge Analytica. For those who don’t remember, the company was accuse of illicitly using Chief VP Operations Email Lists the data of 87 million users for manipulations during the American elections. That was a trigger for Facebook to try to regain its credibility with its investors. What Facebook reveale about the reasons for banned posts Until then, the document only served as a basis for training social network moderators, who were able to identify and flag inappropriate content for Facebook standards.


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Weapons or explosives of any kind are also prohibite. The company says that organizations and people engaged in terrorism, serial killings, hate groups, human trafficking or organized crime should not participate on Facebook, much less spread content related to these matters. It is Fax Lead prohibite to post any content related to violent crimes on social media, including violence against animals, rape, vandalism, theft or attempts to harm others. Another Facebook restriction is on the sale of regulated products, such as medication and drugs, such as marijuana. The social network does not allow the sale of this type of product, prohibiting any type of advertisement. It is forbidde to post suicide attempt posts on social media.

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