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News Share 5 marketing lessons from Netflix on social media Social networks are the voice of digital marketing today, and Netflix is ​​a company that has done very well with these strategies. It’s hard to get on Facebook or Twitter and not interact with one of your posts, isn’t it? That’s why we’re going to present here some Netflix marketing lessons on social media that are a huge success. Netflix is ​​a video streaming platform, which in addition to having the traditional movies and series that we like, also has its own productions (and what productions!). They currently have over 125 million paying subscribers, with 7.4 million added in the first three months of this year. Behind her is Amazon Prime, with about 100 million users.

 Netflix seems to be doing something right

And what is Netflix’s marketing secret? Of course, in addition to producing unique and on-demand products, success also lies in being a marketing genius. Let’s check out the main digital marketing  Chief VP Marketing Officer Email List snet works that we can learn from Netflix: 1) Good social strategy won’t help a subpar product Netflix has survived more controversy than most companies can. The biggest ones – price hikes, VPN bans, etc. – not only resulted in lawsuits and loss of users, but often alienated a significant portion of them. While it’s a good idea to study Netflix’s marketing strategy, the key part is its product.


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Unlike most companies, it doesn’t stick to a

Rigidly formal approach when interacting with its followers, after all, social networks are more relaxed, right? Always be authentic and avoid copying ideas from other brands. 3) Listen to your customer, they will love it Netflix decided to create the Netflix Socks project when it realized Fax Lead that many of its users were sleeping while watching their shows. In an attempt to solve this problem, they created an accessory: smart socks with an accelerometer to detect when the wearer has dozed off, sending a signal to the wearer’s TV and pausing the show so he doesn’t wake up several episodes later. What a wonderful idea! It was quite a success. Do you see how it works to always listen to your consumers? Feeling welcomed and valued by the brand is priceless. It is an excellent strategy to attract attention and gain consumer trust. 4) Numbers matter, but there’s more to it Social media

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