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Agata writes “thank you for this webinar, do it more often”. Agata, we’ll do our best, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try. Okay, I see no more questions. Maybe a final word from you gentlemen. I’m sorry I draggd you out so much.Grzegorz Thanks for the cooperation on this project, as I said, we are moving to the continuous phase, so I hope that this cooperation will continue. In UIG, where a statement was made that also refers to what Paul was saying about some financial concerns.

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I remember that at one of the meetings there was such a summary, it was money well spent, so let it be a summary of the formula of the final from my side as well. I think it’s a very cool and useful thing, thanks. Paweł: I fully support database what Grzesiek said. We are going further with cooperation, Kamil. I think we will also meet from time to time. The next workshop is coming at the WP stage, so I think that we will all gather some of this knowldge or material now during this last quarter and I secretly hope that we will be able to continue this live and show something more somewhere in the new year , to say.


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Think that then these things will also be public, so people who expectd a bit of “into the meat”, which we did specifically from the side Fax Lead of the interface, from the side of the problem that we want to solve at a given stage, will be satisfid. I think it’s going to be a fun sequel and then we’ll be able to show more of what exactly we’ve discoverd and what exactly we’ve built. Damian: Let me add that I am very satisfid with the entire Product Discovery process.

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