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Why you should focus on Google

Google is the most widely used search engine worldwide. Therefore, investing in Google SEO means expanding your access to foreign markets.

This is especially important if your business is growing internationally and wants to offer its products or services to users of different languages ​​and cultures.

Google’s technological advantage

Google is the world leader in search engine technology. Their algorithms are constantly evolving, which gives users the most relevant results.

Google’s technological edge enhances the user experience, which helps websites rank higher in Google search results.

Diverse Digital Marketing Opportunities

In addition to its search engine, Google offers a variety of digital marketing tools, including an advertising platform (Google Ads), analytics tools (Google Analytics), and business profiles (Google My Business).

These tools help companies better understand their customers, develop effective advertising strategies, and track business performance.

Google’s growing influence

The use of Google is also increasing in Korea. In particular, the use of Google is growing among younger generations and tech-friendly users.

Also, Google is widely used among Austria Phone Number List English-speaking users and companies abroad targeting Korea. These trends have important implications for business and marketing strategies in Korea.

Phone Number List

Google SEO Improvement Example: Saramin

One effective Google SEO booster is Saramin, a large recruitment platform in South Korea. Saramin initially focused on getting her site listed on Google Search Console and identifying and fixing crawl errors.

This simple action alone increased organic traffic by 15%. This made Saramin realize that the more he invested in SEO, the greater his success.

Saramin’s marketing team and website Fax Lead owners then began following SEO and Search Console guidelines more closely and implementing more changes.

Their goal was to change their site so Google Search could better understand it.

The first task was to remove the cluttered tags with unnecessary and unhelpful keywords.

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