Why you should focus on Google

They removed duplicate content and used normalized URLs. Along with this, we browsed our search gallery and applied structured data where applicable, starting with JobPosting, Breadcrumb, and Estimated salary.

Also, they used various Google tools to help them improve their site. “Errors on our structured data are resolved by checking URLs in our structured data testing tool.

Other tools like Mobile Friendly Test, AMP Test, and PageSpeed ​​Insight give us important insights for improvement and help us provide a better experience to our users,” said Moon Tae Sung, SEO Manager at Saramin.

As a result of this effort, over the course of a few months, Saramin knew she was on the right track, seeing errors that were marked red in Search Console’s Coverage graph gradually change to valid green.

As the Why you gradual change reached a breaking point, traffic began to grow even more rapidly.

During the 2019 hiring season, traffic doubled compared to the previous year. Furthermore, it was found that the quality of the traffic also improved along with the increase in traffic.

Organic traffic on Google Search led to a 93% increase in new member sign-ups and a 9% increase in conversion rates compared to the previous year.

Summary of Google SEO Improvement Plans

The first step to an effective SEO strategy is Azerbaijan Phone Number List keyword research. Keywords are words or phrases that users type into a search engine.

This helps you understand what information users are looking for and how you can provide them with answers.

Using our keyword research tool

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We can help you find the most relevant Why you  keywords and incorporate them into your website’s content.

Provide high-quality content
Providing high-quality content is critical to improving user experience and ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Backlinks from external websites to Fax Lead your website are an important factor in determining the reliability and authority of your website by Google.

You can do this by guest posting on other sites, sharing content on social media, collaborating with influencers, and more.

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