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Therefore, Branding (goals, vision, mission and business values ), determining ideal target consumers, establishing brand positioning (competitor research, positioning your brand among competitors, and how the brand should position itself in order to connect with target consumers, building brand character , to compose the message the brand wants to convey . With a brand strategy , you as a business owner can understand the business while having a clear focus and direction. You will find out who your target audience is and what kind of communication methods you need to use to connect with them. 4 Examples of powerful brand discovery & strategy Next, let’s discuss some examples of implementing brand discovery & strategy from world-renowned companies.

Each company has a different approach

Therefore, But all succeeded in targeting their ideal Indonesia Phone Number List customer. Here’s an explanation. 1. Tesla Tesla was originally founded by a group of engineers in 2003. At that time, they aspired to be able to create an electric car. They believe that electric cars are the best way to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy use.  Therefore, Departing from these ideals, Tesla continues to develop technology to create electric cars. Therefore, Even now Tesla’s findings are not only limited to electric cars, but also something that has a bigger impact, such as clean energy generation. This example shows that brand discovery & strategy is a method that can provide optimal results.

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And moving their business Fax Lead forward. Read Also Full Service Agency Miscellaneous: Definition, Services, and Benefits 2. Apples Apple is a brand with very strong values . They adhere to these values ​​in carrying out their business activities, including when developing new products. From Apple, it can be understood that an effective business value is one that can be acted upon. Value is not just a line of words displayed on the company’s website , but is a value that can be applied in all business activities. In the end, these values ​​will influence how customers see the brand . 3. Red Bull Red Bull has a very detailed brand positioning , the result of powerful brand discovery & strategy . They target a young audience who likes adventure. To get closer to the ideal target audience, Red Bull holds various events according to their audience’s interests. Some examples are sponsoring extreme sports events or appointing young influencers who are famous for adventurous content.

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