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Share ways to increase traffic to your website

Share ways to increase traffic to your website with social media How to increase traffic to website with social networks? We created a “do-it-yourself” manual and translated a very useful infographic to help you with this challenge. Does your business have a Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit and Tiktok account? It’s time to put digital marketing to good use and turn likes into traffic to your website. In this text we will bring some “hacks” and suggestions on how to stop using your social networks just “to be part of it” and turn them into indicators of success. Even in the face of some digital marketing myths , we know that some simple actions on your social networks have improved your company’s digital presence. Making use of some digital marketing strategies

Put links on Reddit Use pinned posts on your networks.

Put CTA on the cover image of the page; Answer questions on networks; Your content on employee networks. Infographic based on Red We bdesign Put links on Reddit Part social network, part forum, Reddit is a platform VP Security Email Lists where users can share links to content on the web. It is used by many as the main source of news. Users can rate your content positively or negatively. The better qualified you are, the larger your audience will be. Use pinned posts on your networks Did you publish an interesting article? Launched a podcast? Running a promotion? A fixed post on your social networks can help you not to waste all your investment in Inboud Marketing. Pinned posts are a good way to increase access to your website, as you can leave some content highlighted .

C-level Executive List

Place CTA on page cover image Another way to

Improve your performance with Digital Marketing is by creating Calls To Action (the famous CTAs) in the cover image of your networks. Facebook in particular has buttons to direct users to your company’s landing page. Links to content that requires registration to be downloaded or Fax Lead accessed is the heart of any digital marketing project. This way you will increase traffic to your social media site very efficiently! (4) Answer questions on the networks In addition to responding to forums like Reddit, it is very worthwhile for companies to respond to questions on sites like Yahoo Answers, directing people to their company’s content. The cool thing is, whenever you publish new content, do a search for questions that are related to the subject. Your content on employee networks A happy employee posting your company’s content is another way to increase your website traffic.

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