Not only that brand activation will

also help you build an attractive image in the eyes of customers. You can get all these benefits by developing an optimal brand activation strategy. It’s just that the process often takes a long time and often requires lengthy research to be more on target. No need to worry this process will spend your time. This is because now there is a brand activation agency that will help your business design an effective and targeted activation strategy such as IDEOWORKS . The brand activation strategy is the right choice for businesses that have just started or businesses that plan to launch new products. In order for this strategy to work effectively and provide optimal results, you can use the services of a Jakarta brand activation agency such as IDEOWORKS. With experience in handling marketing campaigns for more than 3,000 brands , IDEOWORKS is ready to help you design an attractive and targeted brand activation strategy. digital marketing5 Key Digital Marketing Trends in 20215 Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Agency Services for Your BusinessGet to know UX & UI and Why You Need BothNowadays, it’s very easy to find information about a particular company or brand before you buy their product. So that potential customers and the general public can get to know your company better, a company profile video is usually made that contains data, information, and company background. Without realizing it, this video can more or less affect sales. The better the video, the more audience will want to get to know and buy your company’s products. For this reason, there is a creative digital agency that can help produce this video. So, what are the other benefits of a company profile video for business? What is a Video Company Profile? Simply put, this video is a short video (about two minutes) that contains company profiles. Previously, this information was usually printed in brochures or in the form of landing pages , now video media is used, which is considered easier to attract the attention of the audience. This is evidenced by research from Hubspot which shows that using video content can increase marketer income by up to 49% faster than those who don’t. This is because it will be easier for the audience to absorb information from the video rather than having to read a long brochure. Ideally, company profile video content should tell the company’s goals, available products and services, advantages over competitors, and other things that the audiencvation strategy can also be used by brands that want to rebrand with their new values . Actually, what is brand activation ? Is this really one of the services offered by a digital marketing agency ? What is brand activation? Brand activation is a term used to refer to various activities that can make your brand or product known. This activity can be in the form of campaigns , organizing events, to interacting with your brand’s social media audience . Most brand activation activities are interactive, allowing the audience to get involved right away. It is important

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