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A Comprehensive Website Redesign SEO Checklist | Fax Lead

A Comprehensive Website Redesign SEO Checklist


By Navneet Kaushal Web Design 917 Reads Don’t be afraid of the website redesign. A new look can help boost conversions and increase ROI from adding content or changing features on-site to improved UX design for mobile users. A whole range of adjustments is at hand if you want them in place in just one simple step: redesigning your site. However, even if you have a team of professionals working on your website, they must know how to retain the SEO value while redesigning the website. A poorly executed redesign can cost a business its high rankings and potential customers. This infographic shares the extensive website redesigning checklist for 2023. INFOGRAPHIC SEO Checklist Website redesign is a process to revamp different aspects of your website, such as content, design, and navigation, to boost its functioning and conversions.

The redesign may include a domain

Name change, content update, features/sections addition, UI enhancement, mobile UX optimization, and rebranding. No matter how many objectives and benefits of website redesigning you have, fo cussing Investors Email Lists on SEO performance is crucial to increasing your brand’s online presence. Although professional SEO services can save you from big mistakes, still you need to know how to retain your high-ranking traffic with the redesign. If your website has been existing for a while, Google already quite clearly understands its content, structure, and relevance to different search queries. When redesigning your website, Google evaluates your website to update knowledge. The bigger website rebuild takes a longer reassessment. Without a high focus on SEO, the redesign can reduce your traffic and search engine ranking. Let’s say, if you delete a web page, which used to rank high on SERPs, your website traffic decreases significantly.


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Here is the ultimate SEO checklist

That helps you to learn that. But before going through that, let’s discuss the major reasons for a website redesign and the areas it may influence. Why Should You Consider a Website Redesign? Find below Fax Lead  the key reasons to redesign your website: Rebranding or Repositioning As a business owner, you should change your customers’ perception of your brand to stand out in the crowd, build a unique brand identity, accommodate new products/services, and expand in a new direction. Rebranding helps you fulfill those wants. This process is much more than changing the brand name and logo. It is about repositioning your brand so it better relates to business goals and target audience needs. Website redesign is a significant element of rebranding. For instance, Mailchimp, a famous email and marketing automation platform revamped its website in 2018. They added new sections, fonts, colors, logos, and other elements to their website.

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