5 Digital Marketing Myths Affecting Your Business

To understand where this myth comes from, we first need to know the difference between Organic Results and Paid Results. Paid Results appear on the Search Engines because of direct payment. These are the results on Search Engines with ‘sponsored’ or ‘ads’ written above them. Each time a user clicks on one of these ads the marketer pays a fee. Some of these ads can be really expensive. For example, in the USA the term “accident attorney” costs roughly $40 dollars, but many ads cost less 50 cents a click, and the most expensive Ad is not always the one that gets the best results. A well-targeted Ad can be a very cost-effective way of getting business from the front page of Google, but it does still cost something.

SEO Results Can Be Achiev Overnight

Occasionally, I come across managers who are frustrat with the results they are getting from SEO activities. They say that: “Last week they spent hours working on their SEO strategy and they database aren’t seeing the change they hoped for”. Going from nowhere to the top of Google, overnight with SEO, is something that perhaps only a new, probably not the very interesting, Marvel superhero could achieve! It may take up to a few months to really get the full benefit of SEO, but be patient – the results are worth it!

The difference between SEO and SEM


Frustration like this is not just because of impatience. It is also the results of another mix up; There is a big difference in the time it takes to see results for SEO and SEM Digital Marketing activities. The results from Search Engine Marketing activities such as Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads, can be seen almost instantly. This one of the main Fax Lead benefits of SEM, but the name PPC conveys the catch: it comes at a price. Nevertheless, if you need quick results SEM can still be a great option. If you are looking for a little help getting this right, rankingCoach 360 shows you how to quickly and easily create

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