Why is Brand Identity So Important

Factors That Make It Strong 10 May, 2023 Analyze FacebookTwitterLinkedInShare In building a brand the right brand identity is needed so that the audience can understand the values ​​and messages you want to convey. It is important to remember, brand identity is not just a company logo. Designing a company logo or symbol is just one small step towards developing a strong brand identity . What is brand identity? Brand identity is a collection of all elements created by companies to describe their business image to consumers. However, keep in mind, brand identity is different from branding and brand image .

Brand identity is everything that will

Make your brand immediately France Phone Number List recognized by consumers. They will then associate that identity with the product or service you offer. This identity simultaneously forms the relationship between consumers and brands , builds customer loyalty, and determines how they view the brand . Elemen brand identity As already mentioned, brand identity includes all the elements that companies create to describe their business image. These elements include two things, namely visual and nonvisual. Here’s the explanation: – Visual This element covers all the visual aspects of a company’s identity. Well, a logo is a visual element.

Some other examples of brand identity for

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Visual elements are  Fax Lead typography (selection of the type of font used), color palette, website appearance , to product packaging. – Non-visual This section includes all elements outside of the visual elements, to be precise the verbal aspects that are used to create a certain impression of the brand . One example of brand identity for non-visual elements is the brand name . Some other examples include taglines or jargon to the style of language used by brands when communicating with consumers. 6 Factors that make a strong brand identity Then, what must be considered in order to build a strong brand identity ? At least, there are six factors that you should pay attention to, namely: 1. Value proposition Find out what makes your brand unique and stand out from the competition.

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