What makes your product attractive

To consumers? In other words, a value proposition focuses on the difference between your brand and its competitors. Observing competitors will also help you sort out which branding strategies are working and which are not. 2. Logo After you really understand your brand , including its value proposition , now is the time to make it “live”. You can start by thinking about a brand logo design . Even though a logo is only a small part of a brand identity , this element is very important. Because, this is the element that will represent your brand . Starting from the website , social media accounts, packaging, to campaigns , everything will definitely include a logo.

For this reason making a logo must be

Done carefully. The logo must be able to Hong Kong Phone Number List represent the brand as well as be easy for consumers to remember. Also Read Out Of Home: Mainstay Strategies for Advertising Agencies in South Jakarta 3. The language of communication Now is the time for brands to jump in and interact with consumers. What do brands need in order to communicate with consumers effectively? In order for the brand to feel relevant, use appropriate language. Let’s say you offer high-end products and target the middle to upper class market, then use professional language. However, if you offer products that are casual, you can use more relaxed language. 4. Flexibility A flexible brand identity will help you launch campaigns that are always relevant to your target audience, including when switching campaign platforms . Flexibility here means that your brand identity can fit across multiple platforms or even your target audience.

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That way you can retain existing customers


Dhile expanding your network to new  Fax Lead customers. However, it should be noted, flexibility here does not mean you are constantly changing identities. On the other hand, the changes you make must remain in one corridor, so that even the audience that sees them can still recognize the brand . 5. Consistency Consistency is the key to success in creating a brand identity . The identity you create must be consistent across platforms. You can create a template to keep your brand identity consistent. The template contains elements that you have chosen to represent your brand across all business areas. That way, the identity you create will be more easily recognized and consistent. 6. Strategies to show brand identity Building a brand identity is a process that is not instantaneous, but must continue to be developed from time to time to remain relevant.

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