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What is facial kinetic energy lifting? Spain’s new viral technology does not require surgery

Designed to rejuvenate the face by stimulating facial muscles. This technology combines the discipline of kinesiology, the study of human movement, with acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine. In addition to providing a face-lifting effect, an intramuscular lift can also help improve blood and lymph circulation, which can help reduce swelling and brighten skin tone. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, a kinetic facial lift is a completely safe procedure with no side effects, making it an excellent option for those who want to improve the appearance of their face without the need for surgery. What does a kinetic facial lift include? Facial movement lift is based on acupuncture and movement therapy techniques to stimulate facial energy points. By gently massaging and pressing certain facial points, the aim is to reactivate muscles and stimulate blood and lymph circulation. These techniques help tone facial muscles and improve skin elasticity, resulting in a natural and long-lasting lifting effect. therapeutic

Some of the most significant benefits of this technology

You may also interested in reading can aloe vera cure vitiligo? The natural lift facial lift provides a natural-looking lift without the need for invasive South Africa WhatsApp Data procedures such as surgery. By toning facial muscles and improving blood circulation, you can achieve a firmer, younger-looking face. Improves blood and lymph circulation stimulating facial energy points helps improve blood and lymph circulation, which helps reduce puffiness and improve skin brightness. Reduce wrinkles and expression lines by toning facial muscles and stimulating cell regeneration, facial lift can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Making the face look younger and fresher. Increase skin elasticity and stimulate facial energy points to help improve skin elasticity, making the face firmer and healthier. No side effects unlike other more invasive cosmetic treatments. A facial lift is a safe procedure with no side effects. Making it ideal for those who want to naturally improve the appearance of their face.

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Energy point stimulation during treatment

The therapist will use acupuncture and movement therapy techniques to stimulate facial energy points. Through gentle manipulation and pressure. The Singapore Whatsapp Number aim is to reactivate the muscles and improve blood and lymph circulation. You may also be interested in reading about popular bridal manicures facial massage to accompany the treatment, a facial massage with essential oils or moisturizer is often performed. This massage helps relax the facial muscles and improves the absorption of the active ingredients of the products used. Post-treatment recommendations after a session, the therapist will typically provide the patient with a series of recommendations to extend the results of the at-home treatment, such as using specific products or performing facial exercises. How many facial kinetic lifting treatments are needed? The number of facial movement lift sessions required may vary, depending on each patient’s needs and their skin condition.

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