What Does The Status Code 301 Mean?

The HTTP status code 301 is most commonly us by site designers to show that a URL has permanently mov. If a web designer is changing the location of a page, they can use the 301 status code to redirect traffic and links from the old URL to the new one. This will also help search engines to find the new URL for the site and to transfer it across its rankings.

Using appropriate programming, it is possible to redirect a user directly to another URL without them noticing. It is important that the page that the user is redirect to has the content they are expecting; the redirecting process must not mislead the user in any way.Using the 301 redirects to deceive the user is a Blackhat activity and therefore forbidden by Google.

What Do 301 Error Codes Mean?

If you are having issues with error messages phone number list referring to 301 error codes, this is likely to be due to issues with redirects. Check to make sure that the URLs you are redirecting have the correct addresses and are implement using 301 redirects that conform with Google’s best practices.

SEO Too Expensive & Complicat for SMEs

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Anyone who has been cold-call by a Digital Marketing agency might think that creating an effective Digital Marketing strategy for their business, requires the effort of doing brain surgery and conducting the London Philharmonic simultaneously. Agencies will also have you believe that Digital Marketing is eye wateringly expensive. Some Fax Lead industry sites don’t help either, Search Engine Journal offers an average price range $500 a month for local and $2500- $5000 for a national campaign. Fortunately for the future of SMBs, this isn’t the only way. This might be the rough cost of employing someone else to do it for you, but I can assure you, many marketers won’t do anything you couldn’t, with the right tools.

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