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Before inbound marketing, outbound marketing was the main approach of marketing professionals. But what arethe differences between these two techniques ? And above all, are they incompatible?Definition of outbound marketing Outbound marketing is an old method that has long ruled the world of advertising.  the principle was to shout In other words, from the rooftops (or almost) to sell products or services. The problem? Over time, this technique became less and less effective, as people grew tired of being inundated with messages that didn’t concern them.  you wouldn’t find the approach very relevant, would you? In other words, outbound marketing is aimed at a broad audience without taking into account the specific needs of each individual.

 A substantial budget for often disappointing returns

Long as it is relevant and useful. For your visitors. Your objective is to create a in conclusion. Relationship. Of trust , to educate your target and support them until.. The purchasing decision thanks to an in other wods.In .Other words,on the web and social networks. Concretely, with outbound marketing, you fish with a giant net hoping to catch the right fish, while with inbound marketing,in other words,This is why the idea behind inbound marketing is to charm rather than impose. Instead of chasing prospects, you attract them with quality content that they are actively searching for. Regardless of the USA Phone Number List medium used (articles, infographics, podcast, etc.), content is king as

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Are outbound and inbound incompatible?

You choose the right rod, the right bait and you wait patiently for the fish to come to you.  At this point in your reading, you may be thinking that combining inbound and outbound Belgium Phone Number List marketing is like mixing oil and water. Except that in fact, the two are not incompatible . Depending on your business goals and expectations, you can combine them for a comprehensive strategy. Inbound marketing allows you to play the long game and build a relationship of trust with In other words,to your web page or blog, up togradually transform them into leadsthen into customers. 

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