Thank you NGOs & Brothers and Sisters

There are still many who do not understand the concept of “output” and “outcome” in this context.

Therefore, even though OBE ( outcome-based education ) has been cultivated in Malaysian education for many years, there are still many educators who are wrong.

Their paradigms and practices have not moved from content-oriented to skill-oriented.

In the process of learning and teaching – what they cultivate, measure and evaluate is still output, not outcome. OBE too, but another O.

In order for a significant shift from the ‘lesson landscape’ to the ‘education landscape’ to truly occur — we must reform the way we assess, assess and reason about the existing teaching and learning system.

Dare to change from output to outcome.

An educated person, not necessarily educated.

The lessons are measured on report cards and certificates

Education is reflected in skills, thinking and behavior.

This article is a copy of Dr Rem Dambul’s facebook Database status on the difference between education and education.

You can refer to the original post on this link .

Since my writing about the plight of students here went viral, various NGOs, departments, and individuals came forward to donate.

As I recall, among those involved are:

Click Download to save Laili Basir & Geng – Hugs Project mp3 youtube com
Our Optometrist
We Love Charity (our happy feet project)
Dr. Afezah (USM Penang)
Mr Herry (Selangor)
My friends and wife (teacher eppy)
Alhamdulillah, as teachers and representatives of the students here, we say a thousand thanks to all the brothers and sisters who are very concerned and donate in the form of money and necessities.

Indeed, the donation is very meaningful and helps the students here to continue to gain knowledge.

God willing what you donate will be a share in the afterlife for you


Thanks again I say!

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