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Does that happiness come from the outside-in or the inside-out?

Many feel that happiness stems from external factors.

For example, a person possesses power, appearance, name, and approval from the source of property.

We think we will automatically feel happy if we become millionaires, rich people, politicians, aristocrats, good-looking persons, and scholars.

So many peoples are struggling and willing to do anything to own property, power, and more on that confidence.

Are the lives of the rich, the handsome, the aristocrats, the dignitaries, and the intellectuals happy?

It has become a rule of life sunnatullah man will not get everything he wants

No human being can avoid something he Latest Mailing Database does not like. Life is a test for all human beings, regardless of their position, wealth, or approval.Allah SWT, meaning:

He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed

(Surah al-Mulk: 2)
The rich man may own a fortune of millions, but how can he avoid getting sick, old, and dying?

This is what happened to Christina Onassis, the heir to the fortune of her father Aristotle Onassis, who was found dead suddenly at a young age despite owning a multi-billion dollar fortune.

Those who are good-looking also cannot avoid insults. Madonna and Paris Hilton (to name a few) were once condemned for their bad behavior.

Lady Diana, who had all the packages of the advantages of a dream woman, finally passed away in a tragic and sad situation.

John Lennon could not avoid being killed even though millions of fans adored him

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On the other hand, Elizabeth Taylor is counting the Fax Lead ages that are eroding her beauty and body shape.

That is not to mention the misfortune that befell famous politicians and nobles such as Al-Malik Farouk (Egypt), Shah of Iran (Iran), Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), Louis XVI (France), Tsar (Russia), and others.

Strictly speaking, pain, insults, overthrows, and other tests of life have crushed many wealthy people, good looks, politicians, and scholars in the race for happiness.

What evidence is there that they lost happiness?

There is no need for us to argue using the Qur’an and hadith because the display of the mass media alone is enough to prove how unhappy they are.

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