Optimization of images and checking of links

Have a precise vision of the contents of your website. Just as it is preferable to constantly create original and relevant content . Every page. Blog post or product description should offer unique and valuable information to searchers. Remove broken links and errors for good natural referencing of your blog or online store. It is essential to ensure that all links. Internal or external. Work correctly. Indeed. Broken links can affect the ranking of your site in google results. Be aware that broken links most often lead to a 404 error . This can happen. For example. If the url of a page is changed or deleted. Note that you can use seo tools to regularly inspect your site and detect them. 

Which indicates that a page no longer exists

A simple solution if the link is no longer relevant; replace it South Korea Phone Number List with a new link; create a redirect to another relevant url on your site. Keep in mind that managing broken links requires ongoing attention. Integrate this task into your seo strategy and carry out regular checks. Keep content up to date for effective seo on google and other search engines. It is crucial to keep the content of your blog or store up to date. A good seo strategy involves creating quality content. But also perpetuating it so that it remains relevant . Regularly updating your content therefore reinforces its relevance and usefulness. Which is favorably perceived by google. Revision of texts .

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Updating of obsolete information

All good practices to follow diligently. Improve Taiwan Phone Number List your visibility with rich snippets as we saw previously. Rich snippets are a powerful seo tool to improve the visibility of your blog or online store in google search results. And for good reason. Since these rich snippets. Which display additional information such as ratings. Images or content summaries. Attract the attention of internet users and increase the click-through rate. So. By incorporating structured meta tags into the html code of your pages (rating. Customer reviews. Price. Stock. Etc.). You optimize the way google interprets and displays your content. This strategy reinforces the relevance and attractiveness of your links in the results.


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