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Felipe saluma posts controversial video

For andrea valdiri it is an indirect day that felipe saluma a controversial video on social networks felipe saluma, a famous colombian influencer and dancer, recently  a the video, which caused a stir on social networks, was seen by many as a reference to his former partner, the influencer andrea valdiri. In the audiovisual material, saluma dances with a group of friends to the rhythm of a song about. Heartbreak and betrayal, sparking speculation among his followers. Background of the relationship between felipe saluma and andrea valdiri felipe saluma and andrea valdiri are one of. The most popular couples on social networks in colombia. Their romantic relationship is closely watched by thousands of followers who admire their chemistry and complicity. However, in recent months, rumors. Of a possible breakup between the two. Have to surface, with both parties eventually confirming the news via their respective social networks.

Although andrea valdiri has never been mentioned

The video as a hint at her ex-partner, especially given the context of the song’s lyrics and saluma’s casual attitude. Reactions on social networks the publication Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Data of this controversial video attention on social networks, with followers of felipe saluma and andrea valdiri expressing various opinions about it view. While some supported the influencer and the way he overcame the breakup, others his lack of respect. For his ex-partner and felt the video could have. Been to avoid hurt feelings. You may also. Be interested in reading “Tips to hurt my boyfriend” felipe saluma defends in view of the reception on social networksdespite the criticism, felipe saluma came out and his position. In a series of statements, the influencer that the video was not a dig at andrea valdiri but was simply.

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Andrea valdiri reacts for her part

Andrea valdiri has yet to make any. Public statement regarding felipe saluma’s controversial video. However, sources close to the influencer are convinced France Whatsapp Number that valdiri is calm, focused on her career and trying not to take seriously her ex-partner’s provocations on social networks. The importance of communication in public relations. The cases of felipe saluma and andrea valdiri highlight the importance of communication in public relations, especially when it comes to media figures with large followings on social networks hour. Misunderstandings or poorly managed communications. Can create unnecessary controversy and damage the image of those involved, affecting not only their reputations but also their careers. Tips for managing communication on social networks .In situations similar to and , it is important to consider some tips for effectively managing communication on social networks.

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