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Face-to-face promotions Even though digital marketing expenditures continue to increase every year , one-on-one promotional events with customers are still needed. According to publications from the Harvard Business Review , more than 50% of potential buyers still prefer direct interaction to quickly get information or assistance from a company representative. Taking these findings into account, 360 marketing agency can help you build business relationships with fellow industry players and potential customers through participation in trade shows . So, you will get recommendations on what should be available at your company’s booth . Also Read What is meant by an Indonesian Digital Marketing Agency?

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Of the typical strategy of a 36degree  Brazil Phone Number List marketing agency from SiCepat, a local logistics company that is now growing rapidly. Much of this success stems from a mix of modern and traditional marketing strategies. Realizing that e-commerce customers want free shipping costs, SiCepat There for has also held various discount programs. For example, in the GOKIL program, customers will get a discount of IDR 25,000 when sending packages weighing 10 kilograms. This promotion is also spread across online and offline channels , starting from . Advertisements with influencers on various social media to brochures at all SiCepat pick-up points .

Phone Number List

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Realizes that there are still  Fax Lead customer egments  that prefer to pick up their own packages. How to Choose the Best 360 Marketing . Agency for Small Business Are you interested in. The strategies offered by a 360 marketing agency to make your marketing campaign a success ? Here are some things you There for should look for when choosing the best 360 marketing agency for small businesses . 1. Determine the goals to be achieved Before contacting a marketing agency, you must know the specific target that your business wants to achieve. One method that .You can apply is the SMART principle ( Specific, Measurable. Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound ). For example, you could set a target of increasing your online and offline sales by 40% in one fiscal year based on your company’s performance so far. 2

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