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Aesthetic doctor and nutritional expert maria josé crispin

Nutritionist íéí is a nutritionist and cosmetic doctor who has the field of beauty and health through innovative methods of losing weight and maintaining a diet. With over 20 years of experience in the field. He has the trust of thousands of patients who. With his help, have successfully their weight goals and their quality of life. In addition to her private practice in madrid, maría josé crispiníéí often appears in the to share her and advice with the public. Her holistic approach and passion for health and wellness have made her an authority in her field, and her advice is by people of all ages and physical conditions. The importance of a diet one of íéí’s fundamental concepts is the importance of maintaining a diet to enjoy good health and prevent disease. Aesthetic doctors say a diet rich in fresh. Whole foods is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and optimal physical condition throughout your life

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What is it and how realize it the importance of cooking food correctly one of the most surprising pieces of advice that maria josé crispiníéí often gives to Australia WhatsApp Data patients is the importance of cooking certain foods such as pasta. Rice and potatoes the day before eating them . According to nutrition experts. This cooking and pre-cooling process can significantly the calorie content of these foods. Making them less likely to gain weight and more beneficial to health. The secret is that cooking and cooling these foods can weight gain because resistant starch is during the cooking and cooling process. Resistant starch is a carbohydrate that is not in the small intestine. Meaning it does not provide calories to the body and has a positive effect on satiety and blood sugar regulation. This type of starch is when starch in foods like pasta, rice and potatoes cools after being . Which causes its structure to change and become more resistant to the action of digestive enzymes.

Whatsapp Number Data

Benefits of eating foods containing resistant starch

Foods rich in resistant starch. Such as pasta rice and pre-potatoes. Offer many health benefits in addition to weight loss. Some of the most notable benefits Switzerland Whatsapp Number of consuming such foods are. You may also be in reading ponytail hairstyle ideas – digestion resistant starch acts as dietary fiber. Promoting intestinal transit and healthy gut microbiota. – blood sugar control resistant starch is not in. The small intestine and has a positive effect in regulating blood sugar levels. Which is beneficial for people with diabetes or insulin resistance. – satiety resistant starch increases the feeling of fullness and helps control appetite and food intake. Thereby aiding weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight in the long term. Íéí’s recommendations for cooking and eating resistant starch foods to get the most out of the benefits of resistant starch in foods like pasta. Rice, and potatoes, íéí offers a series of practical tips that her patients often follow successfully by cooking the foods the day before.

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