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social media marketing in and You may not know it, but June 30th is Social Media Day. It seems like just yesterday that social networks took over our lives completely, bringing the true meaning of “digital life” to our routines. But, how to do social media marketing in and There are thousands of “recipes” on how to do marketing on social networks, but the truth is only one: before thinking about publications for your company. It is essential to understand your target audience – or “Persona”, as we call it in marketing. It is through Persona that you will find out if a meme. An internet fad or even ads on social networks make sense and will generate business. What is the importance of digital marketing for social networks? Simple: that’s where everyone is. The public has evolved its way of seeing advertising, so you can’t be too careful.

Actions that are not clear or mislead

Internet users also generate a lot of negative media, so it is important to be objective and transparent in your investments. Bet on disclosures that address the pain of your audience. This is the cornerstone of VP Audit Email List digital marketing and how to do marketing on social networks inand . The next year will be the expected “return to the old normal” and people will be ready to consume with more confidence and desire.which is why having an agency by your side to plan the digital marketing of your business is to think about the future. With clearer results and with a close eye on metrics. How to Market on Social Media in and A Guide for Each Network We already know which social networks have stood out in recent times, but do you know how to turn views and likes into leads and sales?


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Facebook for example has seen a huge

Comeback during the pandemic. With the scarcity of informative content on Instagram summing up to photos and “aspirational content” Mark Zuckerberg’s first social network had revenue Fax Lead Email List Buy Email List, Email Marketing List, Email Address List. Contact Email List of 28 billion dollars in the last quarter of which represents a growth of in compared to 2019 and came even closer to the mark of 3 billion monthly active users. Ending the year with 2.8 billion people online on the platform. Therefore, neglecting Facebook is failing to speak to a large part of the adult audience – usually with greater purchasing power for your business. It is also important to explore Instagram , but with a lot of strategy. It’s not enough to get likes, it’s important to adapt your business messages to the image social network. Video tools and “stories” help a lot in digital marketing for Instagram

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