A network like linkedin can help you in this process

These online spaces in order to optimize the visibility of your publications. For example. On a network like instagram. You must use the most relevant hashtags to reach potential prospects interested in your content. Whatever happens. Don’t forget to include the link to your white paper download page. And of course. Encourage interactions with your audience. Respond to comments. Invite sharing of your publication and launch discussions around the issue addressed. By doing this. You build a relationship with your audience and reinforce your positioning as an expert in your field. And if you have the opportunity. Collaborate with other popular experts on the networks to ensure additional visibility thanks to their audience .

Use a tone that reflects your company’s expertise

In return. Why not offer them the opportunity to write Albania Phone Number List the preface to your white paper? Send the white paper to a newsletter audience if you usually send a newsletter to the prospects and customers most engaged with your company. You have everything to gain from sharing your white paper with this community . Still. Make sure to identify the target audience in your database. Segment your audience based on their interests. Their stage in the buying cycle. Or their previous interaction with your content. This process ensures that the white paper will be relevant to those who receive it. Don’t neglect the email that presents the document either.

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This is called content recycling 

And above all. Include a clear call-to-action (cta). Which invites your Brazil Phone Number List readers to download it. Note that in addition to presenting the white paper. Your email can include other relevant content. Such as blog articles or case studies that support the different points you address. Promote the white paper on a blog ifdo you have a blog. You absolutely must push your white paper through the content you publish. Incorporate it. For example. With a download banner within the most relevant articles. Also mention it in a natural way. By inserting a download anchor. In order to provide. For example. Added value to related content. You can even split it into several reworded blog posts. 

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