You will probably not care

If you don’t pay attention to your appearance when attending an interview, for example, wearing home clothes, slippers, messy hair, and unkempt appearance, etc., this will make the interviewer feel that you do not take this interview seriously and cherish it, and that it is dispensable to you, and e too much about your future job .

No opinion


If during the interview, the interviewer Turkey Phone Number List feels that you are not a person with strong opinions and ideas, you will lose your advantage and competitiveness. Generally speaking, companies tend to look for candidates with innovative ideas who can bring a new look to the company and introduce new business.

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Being late

If you are late for an interview without a convincing reason, the Fax Lead interviewer will only think that you are weak in time management. If you can’t even arrange your  personal affairs properly, how can we have the confidence to entrust you with the task?

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