What is the Difference between Lessons

The most pious, pious, and knowledgeable person is the one who brings others to become pious, faithful, and be knowledgeable too with him!

This fact seems to have become a living tradition of the salafussoleh.

Look at Rasulullah SAW, who is known as a successful leader, and under his guidance, many other successful leaders were born.

Among them are Sayyida Abu Bakr RA, Umar RA, Uthman RA, Ali RA, and others.

The same is true among great scholars. Look at how many scholars were born due to the education of Imam al-Syafi’i, Hanbali, Maliki, and Hanafi.

The question is how to bring others success with us

For that, we must practice the attitude Phone Number List of giving. We must provide knowledge, leadership, guidance, skills to the people around us.

Do not be stingy to sow goodness.

Giving to others is the same as giving to yourself. Hands holding out roses must smell fragrant!

I am always asked: what is the difference between study and education ?

I give a hypothetical situation :

You go to university, then leave with a first class degree.

After that, you drink tea at Mamak’s shop while smoking cigarettes. Don’t even care about the people around, left and right.

In other words you’re just academically smart but civically smart

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— Learned, but not educated.

Or so.

You studied calculus and algebra.

You studied the Pythagorean Theory, about the Fax Lead shortest line between two points.

When your house is flooded, you choose the closest distance to get out to a safe place because Mathematics says so.

Even though you know the road has a big ditch.

As a result?

You drift, drown and die.

Meaning, you only have knowledge about solving problems, like in a textbook.

But there is no wisdom to put it into practice in reality.

— You managed to enjoy your studies, but failed to appreciate education.

The lesson is simply the output of the learning activity (eg curriculum, fieldtrip, syllabus, marks, graduation, etc).

Education is an outcome that builds the student’s character (eg attitude, values ​​and culture).

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