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What we will use must also be verifid on an ongoing basis, and the question “what is our goal and whether this method will help to achieve it” should accompany us in the research process all the time. This makes it very difficult to identify one, constant and linear research process in this phase – after all, we decide to conduct research that will help us discover the unknown. However, it is possible to divide it into specific research loops (not without a reason very similar to the Design Thinking process), in which we select the methodology to the neds.

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Each of these loops should end with a specific decision – are we already transferring the conclusions to work in the next whatsapp mobile number list stage (prototypes, tests, and then implementation), or should we deepen them in the next round of research? Importantly, both activities can be performd simultaneously – in many cases we can subject some of the validatd hypotheses to further stages of creation. general outline of the product), while at the same time we decide to deepen the information and detaild neds.

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The number of repetitions in the loop should be individually selectd to our research neds and the team’s capabilities. Research process Fax Lead loop loop of the research process in product discovery Decision We start and end each loop of the research process with a decision . At the beginning of the activities, we make decisions as to the choice of appropriate methods and activities to bring us closer to the goal. All tools facilitating the planning of research activities Experiment Sprint Canvas ) may be useful at this stage. Empathization The next step is empathy.

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