One Way Around This Problem is to Use

Therefore, tangsi is a very good rope for those who are new to the world of shinning.

Embroidery rope floats, fast sinking fluorocarbon and mono rope properties are intermediate between the two.

Although it doesn’t float like embroidery floss, it doesn’t sink too quickly like fluorocarbon floss.

We need to be aware of this when using different fishing techniques.

For example in the aspect of selecting the lure to be used

Understanding the Disadvantages of Mono Strings
Above I have explained some advantages, then Phone Number List below I will also explain the shortcomings of this rope:

As we know, mono rope has high tensile strength and is more elastic, but this feature has its drawbacks.

Due to the high tensile strength, it is not as sensitive as fluorocarbon or embroidery rope.

Sensitivity is very important especially to detect what is happening to our lure under the water.

Fluorocarbon properties are better for this factor, but we will discuss this in more detail below.

Mono rope is not very resistant to friction.

Compared to fluorocarbon ropes of the same strength, mono ropes are weaker against friction.

If you fish with this line in rocky areas or around structure, the risk of breaking is high if friction occurs.

To reduce this risk always check your rope for any cuts or roughness.

Another disadvantage of mono rope is that it absorbs water as well as light

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Monofilament rope is easily weakened by UV rays.

Therefore, the more you go out fishing with a mono line, the Fax Lead more often you will need to change this line.

I suggest you change the mono strap at least once a year.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Mono?

Mono straps are suitable for waterline earrings.

Often when fishing using water surface lures like plastic frogs, when the fish grabs we will be surprised and make an initial snap until the lure is snatched from the fish’s mouth.

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