Methods of Styling Jerkbait Lures

Know what factors most trigger the lust of predatory fish to attack?

— when there are small fish that are injured or dying, where they are easy targets.

It is the moment many predators have been waiting for!

Jerkbait lures are created to imitate the expression of a fish that is injured, as if it cannot swim perfectly, drowning and waiting for time to die.

That’s why it’s killer enough for most species of predatory fish.

This article will discuss the proper methods and strategies for using jerkbait lures as an effective weapon in your hunt.

Based on this habit the basis of the creation of jerkbait lures appeared

Jerkbait is usually a kind of long and thin lure.

Among the species of fish in our country Database that quite like jerkbait is Siakap.

In fact, it is also effective enough to trap other species such as Toman.

There is no doubt that I am a big fan of Jerkbait.

There are usually 3 types of jerkbait lure variations, namely:

A jerkbait lure will produce a very interesting side-to-side flicking action. It will usually drive the fish crazy.

Jerkbait lures are able to trigger violent strikes from fish due to their visual presentation.

Try to notice how the jerkbait lure moves in the video below:

When styled correctly it creates a series of erratic movements in the water


Therefore, it is suitable for use in clear or semi-clear water.2

There are different types of fishing techniques for this lure.

It can be presented slowly or aggressively, depending on the Fax Lead level of activity of the fish.

It will not affect the movement of the jerkbait because this lure depends on the styling of the rod.

Reel selection may only depend on the factors of casting distance, accuracy and comfort respectively.

For example, a baitcaster reel will allow you to cast large and heavy lures far more effectively.

Spinning reels may be more suitable for throwing small and lighter jerkbait lures.

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