Malaysia will provide cervical

All LPPKN clinics in smear tests until November 30 this year. Share it with your female friends! –
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This is one of the projects of LPPKN’s “Wellbeing of Women” campaign, which aims to raise awareness among local women about the importance of cervical smear tests, while also providing assistance to female friends who are at high risk of cervical cancer.

The free cervical smear

Program has been implemented since September 1, 2017. Normally, this test at Nur Sejahtera or other LPPKN clinics costs RM20, while at private clinics, each procedure costs about RM80.

Here is a brief introduction to the so-called cervical List Of Real Mobile Number List smear test, which is to take a small amount of cell samples from the cervix, put them on a glass slide, and then study them under a microscope to see if there are any abnormalities. It is currently the simplest and most effective diagnostic method for widely examining cervical cancer.

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According to the Malaysian

Cancer Registry Report 2007-2011 (issued in 2015), cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among Malaysian women. Doctors recommend that all female friends aged 21 and above should undergo a cervical smear test at least once every three years, regardless of whether they have sexual intercourse or not.

The procedure involves gently scraping cells from your cervix to check for abnormal growths. It may sound scary, but it’s actually a process that takes only a few Fax Lead minutes and is likely to cause only mild discomfort.

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