Digital Marketing or Web Marketing?

It is hard to believe that the internet has been a marketing channel for over twenty years. This is the origin of the mixup; web marketing was a term used in those days. In the US, which is arguably the home of Digital Marketing, web marketing sounds very ‘old school’. It makes digital marketers think of the clicking and beeping pre-broadband era modems, Yahoo and AOL being the top places to be on the world wide web. Those were the days when Google was a young upstart and the internet bubble was yet to burst. Back in the days of Web Marketing, the key areas for marketing with the internet were banner advertisements and emails.

So what happened to online marketing?

To put it simply, the internet of things happened. In the past decade, technological advancements have built the internet into the foundations of our daily lives. It is no longer just about desktops and websites. Today whatsapp mobile number list in most homes you can find many gadgets and devices that use the internet besides smartphones and computers: smart speakers, televisions, even heating systems, and fridges and even children’s’ toys.

These possibilities are expanding every day. This is why Digital Marketing has become the overarching term to represent all of these new developments in marketing activities.

What about the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing?

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Internet marketing is also an older term and most marketers, especially those in English speaking countries prefer the term Digital Marketing. Though, you may still hear some people Fax Lead talking about Online Marketing as a subset of Digital Marketing. Ultimately, the most important broad term for all marketing practices on the internet is Digital Marketing. Remember that lingo and we’ll keep you up to date with the rest. Anyone working on their website’s SEO will at some point find themselves in search of backlinks. We all know that backlinks are a big ranking factor.

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