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Hollywood,  those who have beautiful looks, multi-billion dollar assets, and famous names, are plagued by various chronic problems.

It is ironic when these performers are the least entertained in the reality of life.

Those involved with drug and alcohol addiction, household breakdown, crime, and this mental illness are undoubtedly unhappy.

If they were happy with the name, property, and appearance they possessed, indeed, they would not be involved with all that mental turmoil and personal confusion.

Of course something missing in that pile of property appearance and name

The Difficulties of Life Are Not the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Cause of Unhappiness
Let’s look at this issue from another side as well:

Is it true that the hardships of life take away the feeling of happiness in this life?
Are sickness, old age, human insults, poverty, failure, defeat, and other hardships of life the cause of the loss of happiness?
The answer is not necessarily!

If we think that the hardships of life are the cause of the loss of happiness, then we have belonged to the group of pessimists who believe that there is no happiness in the world.

Many people fail because they think it is more important to get than give.

Whereas according to research people who are successful in life are people who give a lot

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We often ask, how can this happen? Isn’t receiving Fax Lead we will get more instead of giving will reduce our wealth?

Yes, that’s our perception.

The reality is very different. Giving will not reduce our wealth but will even increase.

It has become a sunnatullah, a person who is booming at the ‘normal’ level only brings himself to be successful.

Yet people who succeed on an extraordinary level bring other people to grow with it. “No man becomes rich unless he enriches others.”

This fact is not only seen from a material point of view, but also from the point of view of knowledge, faith and piety.

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