Choosing the Best Fishing Line Braid

What is the best fishing line?

This is actually a question that is quite popular among anglers.

Some people may think that braids are the ultimate choice.

There are also anglers who prefer to cast fluorocarbon, and there are even those who do not care about other types of rope other than mono (mono)

So what are your options?

In this comparison, we will look at the advantages. However, disadvantages and what situations are most suitable for each type of rope.

Tangsi or mono line is one of the earliest generations of fishing line in the market

It is popular enough to be used all over the Whatsapp Mobile Number List world by anglers and fishermen to create the greatest records.

It has been around long before the invention of embroidery thread and fluorocarbon.

Advantages of Mono Straps

In all types of fishing line category, fishing line (mono) is the cheapest.

Therefore it is often chosen by most people for fishing, especially those who are new to the world of fishing.

The best option for those who are still in the process of learning to throw is the mono rope (tangsi).

The rope is neither soft nor too hard, and is easy to untie if a bird’s nest occurs. Another advantage of mono rope is that it is easier to tie than other ropes.

Fluorocarbon rope is harder and harder to cast.

The embroidery thread is too soft because there is no memory and it is very difficult to unravel if there is a bird’s nest.

Fishing with a line that has high tensile strength will help it be more elastic and flexible

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For example, if you are fishing with a braided line where Fax Lead there is no stretch, and the drag system on the reel is not set correctly (as well as using an inappropriate rod action) — the risk of missing a fish is very high.

On the other hand, the nature of the mono rope has a little stretch that will help absorb pressure especially when we do jerks.

The added stretch will also help when fishing with a treble hook as it makes the lure difficult to get out of the fish’s mouth.

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